Giving to CTO

Reasons to Give to CTO

Reasons to Give to CTO

The number 1 reason our donors give to CTO is to help families send their children to our Catholic schools who otherwise could not afford tuition.

The amount they give is because of the generous Iowa tax credits

Tax Advantages to Give to CTO
Additional Tax Benefits
How to Contribute
Ways to Contribute

Sample Calculations of Tax Benefits:

Example for Individuals, S Corps, LLCs/Partnerships, Trusts, and Estates

Iowa Tax SavingsFederal Tax SavingsTotal BenefitNet Cost
Individual taxable
income (line 38 - Iowa
Form 1040)
Iowa individual income tax (based on 2024
tax rates) is approximately
If Donor contributes
the following to CTO
Donor’s 75% Iowa tax credit will beReducing Donor’s Iowa
income tax to (overpayment)
Plus, if donor is itemizing charitable deductions on
Federal return, deduct
Will reduce donor’s Federal tax by (assuming 32% rate)Total tax savings (Iowa &
Net cost to donor (donation less tax savings)
ABCD = C x 75%E = B - DF = C - DG = F x 32%H = D +
I = C - H