About School Tuition Organizations

 It is a charitable organization that receives voluntary cash contributions from Iowa taxpayers and then allocates those funds in the form of tuition assistance to eligible families who attend accredited nonpublic schools represented by the School Tuition Organization.

About CTO

The name of the School Tuition Organization serving all of the schools of the Des Moines Diocese is the Catholic Tuition Organization or CTO. The CTO serves 16 schools with approximately 6000 students in grades kindergarten through twelfth grade.

For Donors

The Iowa tax credit is equal to 75% of the donation. The contribution is also eligible for a federal tax deduction when the donor itemizes on their federal return. Please consult your tax advisor for your specific tax implications.

For Applicants

Families complete either an on-line (preferable) or paper application.  Applications are accepted beginning February 1st.  Tax returns are required for a complete application.

2022-2023 Income Guidelines

Family Size*Maximum Income**

* Family size includes parent(s)/guardian(s) and total number of dependents plus others living in household.

* Families/households are eligible for CTO assistance if their total income is at or below the above listed income level reported on Line 9 of federal income tax form(s).

** Add $20,560 for each additional dependent