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How to Apply for Tuition Assistance

To apply for tuition assistance online in either English or Spanish, go to

  • To link your application to CTO, enter:
    • School Code: 450
    • Password: 450ddm
  • Upload your previous year’s tax documents at the end of the application.
  • Paper applications are available at your school in English and Spanish.

Application Process


Applications for tuition assistance, including the $31 application fee (one application covers the entire family) need to be completed (including tax returns) and submitted to FAIR ( by Monday, April 15. Families will be notified of awards by their individual school by the end of May.

Who is eligible to apply?

Qualifying families include:

  • Household income does not exceed the amount listed on this chart based on family size. Family size includes parent(s)/guardian(s) and total number of dependents plus others living in household.
  • Families who live in Iowa are eligible for CTO.
  • Students eligible to receive tuition assistance are 5 years old before September 15 and attend one of the 16 Catholic schools in the Diocese of Des Moines.

2024-2025 Income Guidelines

Family Size*Maximum Income**

* Families/households are eligible for CTO assistance if their total income is at or below the above listed income level reported on Line 9 of federal income tax form.
**Add $21,520 for each additional dependent.